Brief Overview

Whether you’re an individual working alone with little or no sales experience endeavouring to develop your business looking for external support to help you win more sales or a small SME company with a team of two to twenty employees responsible for the creation and processing the transactions of your products or services, I will be able to help you improve your competitive edge, advance your sales efficiency; build stronger long term connections with your existing clients and enhance cadence and traction with new prospects.

For those individuals working within larger organisations that feel they are not receiving the level of support, they require to work to their full potential or those looking to build their knowledge and skills to advance their career beyond their present role. I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

I am happy to work remotely via Zoom across time zones.

I offer a free 30 minutes no-obligation Zoom call to discuss your needs; please send me an email to telling me about you and how you would like help.

Whilst I have received sales training from some of the best in the business, my holistic approach has been perfected across thousands of hours of cold calling, face to face meetings, presentations at all levels, ultimately blended with the theories of person centre counselling, body Language, transactional analysis, cognitive behavioural science, NLP and Gestalt psychotherapy.

My career journey incorporates 18 years in sales roles for multinationals, with a further 15 years managing teams of internal and external sales personnel. Across products as diverse as hygiene supplies, staff uniforms, furniture and equipment to care homes, capital equipment to retail outlets, tools, fixings, non-mechanical equipment, small & heavy plant to the construction industry. To the setting up of UK distributors for a European manufacturer, to consulting on high-end bespoke timber frame buildings to individuals and developers.

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