“When you have carried out all checks and balances, and you’re left with little difference between you and them, then the only difference possible is in you.”


Coaching is a form of development in which a person called a coach supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance.

~ Wikipedia definition ~

Coaching, how do I work?

Sales professionals
Coaching on a one to one based on agreed specific goals allowing them to reflect on the action they choose and how it impacts on their role both in business and personal relationships, systemic, emotional, physical, evidenced and assumed.

Identifying those key concerns and underlying motivations that allow the creation of new ways of connecting with others, thinking differently, applying changes, balancing perceptions, forming new strategies practising alternative behaviours all requires collaboration.

Sales managers
Changing from being responsible for the sale to taking responsibly for those making the sales, is said to be a journey of a thousand steps the first step is hard the next nine hundred and ninety-nine are no less challenging.

Standing back from the course of the sales and focusing on the individual that is responsible for winning the business is challenging, delegating the task to others has costs, as a manager you are can only be partly accountable for those individuals outcomes; however those above you are measuring you on those in your charge and your performance combined.

Success and failure

The difference between success and failure is now measured in marginal differences; finding yourself in a position where you are not able to look beyond what is in front of you is all too common, “the wood from the trees” standing back from what in front of you creating a clear view is not straightforward, thinking differently, applying changes, understanding perceptions takes effort.

Why use a coach?

Travelling a journey alone only allows for one perception, one opinion, one attitude, one understanding of gestures, one appearance, one behaviour and one set of language, it is not the role of those we do business with to challenge how we are perceived.

Choosing to work with a coach on ones believed perceptions, opinions, attitudes, gestures, appearances, behaviours and language is stage one, venturing beyond to uncover those not so apparent personal values, beliefs, thoughts, justification, feelings and habits are stage two and is not a journey one can do alone.

Choosing to change

None of us like change, but in order to develop and succeed we have to allow for change to happen, adopting a complacent position is easy, believing everything is good enough in a disruptive market place is dangerous, being mindful that there may be a better way takes time, effort, resources and commitment, working with a coach will accelerate the transformation.

Logic and reason

Sales & selling has its foundations set on the principle of change; the foundations are not likely to change while humans are making the decisions; however, the structure above ground will continuously evolve and grow over time, continuing in practices and patterns from the past believing that change is not required is to challenge evolution.

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