My Influencers

My Influencers

Authors of books and people I follow
I have always felt it important to learn from others, being a perpetual student is not a bad thing it avoids you becoming dry and stale. Do I know all the answers, I most definitely do not. Am I perfect, no like everyone else I am not. Am I striving to be the best I can, yes I am, but it is still a work in progress.

From counselling & psychotherapy

Jenny Dawson – therapist & supervisor, Malcolm Retallick – therapist & supervisor, Fritz Peals, Carl Rogers, Wilhelm Reich, Martin Buber, George Kelly, John Rowan, Windy Dryden, Dorothy Stock Whitaker, Urania Glassman, Len Kates, Eric Berne.

From the world of sales

Dale Carnegie, Neil Rackham, Graham Hawkins, Matthew McDarby, Larry Lavine, Brian G. Burns, Matthew McDarby, Timothy (Tim) Hughes, Adam Gray, to name just a few.

From the world of development, leadership and understanding

Simon Sinek, Jerry Lodovico, Calum Chase, Peter Laslett, Gerd Leonard, Geoff Dench, Bobby Umar

Very importantly the many thousands of people I have met and transacted business with over the decades, for all that you have taught me it’s been an honour.

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