My Journey

The Early Years

Like so many, I cannot say I had a defining plan or direction to my career, once college was concluded and with no real idea of a path for my career I found myself in a junior management role in the hosiery industry, eventually swapping out after a couple of years into a management post in a retail outlet.

With my family relocating away from city life to rural life in the Westcountry, my disinterest for a management career in retail became apparent. Aged just twenty-one I found myself in a village in Devon with no job or direction, other than a management role in retail which was not for me.

During my holidays once I passed sixteen I had spent my time working in a large retail store in Leicester city centre; fascinated and drawn to those suited & booted individuals that passed through the store that held the title of “Representative” I was constantly amazed and enthralled at how they commanded such respect from my superiors.

At twenty-one, nothing seems impossible and everything achievable I applied for a position as a salesman for a company selling cash registers, after successfully passing the interview by selling a pen to the director my career in sales started.

The Middle Years

Due to the re-emergence of a health issue in my early thirties; faced with a host of potential mobility issues I found myself immersed in the world of counselling and psychotherapy as a potential career. With nearly a decade passed and with my health stabilised I returned to my first passion, for sales.

The knowledge, experience and understanding gained in those years in counselling and psychotherapy training and working within the field I believe provides me a unique perspective on the sales relationship. Listening, watching, endeavouring to understand without passing judgment is incredibly challenging and empowering.

My Continuing Mission

I am a firm believer in continual personal development, whether it is reading books, publications on business matters, following those contributing to Linked In, or watching videos on YouTube. Keeping current is important to me.

My enthusiasm for staying current has recently drawn me into the world of Artificial Intelligence with our world now set to change at an exponential rate potentially in the next decades, putting our head in the sand is not an option.

One possible conquest of AI is the loss of many sales roles, within two to four decades, with so much of a typical sales role being repetitive, we cannot stop change happening but what we can do is adapt and develop to the best of our ability. It is not easy to change on one’s own, it is quicker and better done with the help of others.

With over twenty-five years in sales, mixed with a decade of counselling and psychotherapy, my approach is a blend of customer-oriented humanistic methodology, the aim being to empower those salespeople I work with to reach their full potential.

Helping others to work better, engage with customers & clients at a deeper level whether it be at the coal face, in group discussions or with decision makers at board level I see this as my continuing journey.

My Influencers

Authors of books and people I follow
I have always felt it important to learn from others, being a perpetual student is not a bad thing it avoids you becoming dry and stale. Do I know all the answers, I most definitely do not. Am I perfect, no like everyone else I am not. Am I striving to be the best I can, yes I am, but it is still a work in progress.

From counselling & psychotherapy

Jenny Dawson – therapist & supervisor, Malcolm Retallick – therapist & supervisor, Fritz Peals, Carl Rogers, Wilhelm Reich, Martin Buber, George Kelly, John Rowan, Windy Dryden, Dorothy Stock Whitaker, Urania Glassman, Len Kates, Eric Berne.

From the world of sales

Dale Carnegie, Neil Rackham, Graham Hawkins, Matthew McDarby, Larry Lavine, Brian G. Burns, Matthew McDarby, Timothy (Tim) Hughes, Adam Gray, to name just a few.

From the world of development, leadership and understanding

Simon Sinek, Jerry Lodovico, Calum Chase, Peter Laslett, Gerd Leonard, Geoff Dench, Bobby Umar

Very importantly the many thousands of people I have met and transacted business with over the decades, for all that you have taught me it’s been an honour.

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