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The Hustlers Hub

The Hustlers Hub

The Hustlers Hub is an expert e-learning platform with a focus on Financial Literacy, Personal Development and Business Skills. Our main objective is to provide entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals with the necessary skills, knowledge, expertise and resources needed to create, survive and grow businesses during and post-pandemic. No more having to browse around the web to find all the needed information and resources, we serve as the one-stop-shop solution for the ambitious.

Sylvana Walcott, The Hustlers Hub

Sylvana Walcott

CEO, The Hustlers Hub Limited


Our Wiseup platform provides a fantastic opportunity for people over 18 to connect to a network of potential Mentors across an ever-growing range of professions and industries.

A Mentee can browse the experience and services of our Mentors and select the person who they feel can positively influence the progression of their career, or help them start and grow their business.

The advice given is always bespoke, which is an important stride away from the generic advice that is so common on the Internet and within companies or universities. We want to give people the opportunity to connect with the best possible Mentor without having to have any pre-existing ties to one another.


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