Matthew Dunne

Founder, Local Vets
Kevin is an experienced sales professional who has a lot to offer those in need of sales coaching. Kevin’s support has enabled my business to grow faster and more intelligently. As a business owner, sales is my key remit. But sales was a role in which I had no experience or skills. Kevin has given me the knowledge to approach sales far more effectively than I did when I started out and ultimately enabled me to pass my sales skills on to others in the team.

Everly Valentino

Managing Director, Nuvitta
Kevin is a very knowledgeable and experienced sales professional with very insightful experiences in a range of business topics. As an entrepreneur, sales is one of the most important areas of my business, but as with many entrepreneurs, I lacked the confidence and skills to maximise sales efforts in my business and grow the business effectively. Kevin has enabled me to feel more confident in my approach to sales and focus my sales efforts in an effective way. The tips Kevin has given me are invaluable and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their sales skills and approach sales in a more effective way.

Simon Richards FPFS DipPMI

Chartered Financial Planner
From our first introductions, it was clearly evident that Kevin has a vast bank of experience and knowledge in sales and marketing. Kevin has helped me with techniques to listen and question a client’s needs and objectives to develop a plan to fulfil their aspirations. Kevin has a lot to offer those in need of help with strategic planning and business as usual. When meeting with Kevin, I always come away, informed and armed with a toolkit of resources to learn and research. In the long run, I have no doubt it will lead to closer client relationships and the best client outcomes.

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