The Blender Podcast

During the latter part of 2019; I started collaborating on a podcast series with Richard Forshaw Smith, Richard runs a digital marketing business based in Devon, RFS marketing works across the UK its client sectors are small-medium enterprises, leisure and tourism businesses and professional services.

The reasoning behind the blender podcasts was to create a discussion platform to talk, question and build an understanding of the path of marketing and sales over the last decades and look at possible directions marketing and sales could take. With new terms like Smarketing, the combining of Sales and marketing into one team, and Account-based marketing ABM, a focused approach to market directly at existing customers to build width within the account, an ideal funnel for new products or services into the existing account, especially suitable for companies that are committed to growth by acquisition.

Combining modern marketing practices with today’s sales structures, to gain the best results, the challenges of breaking down the wall between sales and marketing with one sector measured by results and the other determined by budget. Both are facing as independent areas increasing challenges and uncertainty in the ever-developing world we live and work.

Challenge and disruption to the established marketplaces is everywhere, the need to adapt, change and develop is a constant for both sectors, employment tenure in both sectors is shortening, the wall and war that has to often been evident between sales and marketing is destructive and offers little to either.

Initial conversations are between Richard and Kevin moving on to three and four-way discussions with business owners and professionals from both marketing and sales sectors.

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