The Sounding Board Podcast

Season two coming shortly

The Sales Sounding board podcast is what it says on the can, a platform to discuss sales, a mix of my thoughts and conversations with other sales professional guests on the show.

The role of the internal and external sales professionals, what works, what does not, what to avoid. Sales its past, present and future, its possible future direction and outcomes, how best to take on and survive the challenge of change.

Internal sales, external sales the splitting of the role. The loss of the order taker role in sales, the drive to consultative selling, the role of the solution seller, the growth in automation of many aspects within the sales role, the move towards transparency in sales transactions, the emergence of the entrepreneur.

I hope to discuss these topics and many others over the next coming weeks and months plus those unknown, unknowns that will inevitably materialise. If there’s something in sales you’d like to hear discussed, or if you have something you’d like to share as a guest on the show, please get in touch at
It is not my intention to sell directly as a result of the podcast; if you would like to donate via it will be much appreciated.

The Sounding Board Podcast

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